Your Terror Connection!

Your Terror Connection!

Who is DJ Terror?

dj terror

An interesting musical phenomenon I found while browsing the web for terror topics!

DJ Terror is premiere disc jockey who is popular in Newcastle, England and all over the United Kingdom. Terror has been working as a DJ for the past 18 years. He specializes in various music forms such as mainstream hardcore, hardcore-techno and his own special brand known as terror. is the name of DJ Terror’s radio website. This musical outlet is used to showcase Terror’s many skills. More importantly it’s a station where people can discover new acts and different hits from the many different hardcore groups that produce these types of songs.

All DJs have their own unique DJ mixes when they are playing songs. Terror is no exception. He uses a cutting and chopping style whenever he performs a set. His original style of cutting and chopping goes well with the hardcore music that he is known to use at concerts, shows, parties and events. His DJ remixes are highly regarded as the best in and around the Newcastle area.

Deton8 Digital is a digital label that has been founded by DJ Terror. Deton8 Digital is a multi-genre mp3 label that was started in December 2010. Deton8 specializes on music forms such as Gabber, Hardstyle, Hardcore-techno, Industrial hardcore & Frenchcore. DJ Terror also operates Toxic LTD.

DJ Terror started to develop his craft at the age of 13. By 1997 he was seen as an up and coming DJ on the scene. Soon DJ Terror amassed a following of fans and he started to gain some major notoriety as one of the best DJs in the U.K. He has written and produced music for acts such as Goetia,

The Hardcoholics and D-Ohmicyd. He is also writing music for some movies that will showcase some of his songs. DJ Terror is still working as a DJ and he is steadily gaining more popularity with fans, party crowds and from die hard Hardstyle enthusiasts who enjoy this genre of music.

Check out this video of DJ Terror

DJ Terror performs at clubs and events all throughout the Newcastle area. According to his Facebook page, he will performing at the Industrial Strength records tour in November of 2014 at Cosmic Ballrooms, Newcastle alongside Distorted residents and DJs Lenny Dee, Unexist, Tymon and Tooms. The event will take place at 10 pm and it will feature an old school 90′s Gabber set.

Online Terror, I was Infected!

cryptowall virus

Ladies and Gents, I wanted to write a little bit about other types of terror creating things going on in the world today. We all know about zombies and ghouls,etc. But I recently found out, via my own infected computer about how horrible it can be to get hit by a computer Virus. I was infected by cryptowall last week and it sucked!

The Cryptowall virus is a very vicious kind of malware. This very dangerous and not common computer virus gets into an operating system via email messages that are infected with it or through fake forms of downloads.

These fake forms of downloads can include Flash updates that are fake and rogue video players for example. When this malicious virus infiltrates a computer system. It can immediately encrypts files that are stored on a user’s computer. These file types are doc, docx, xls, ppt, psd, pdf, eps, al, cdr, jpg, just to name a few of them.

This rogue program will quickly demand $500 as payment in bit coins to decrypt them. The cyber criminals who were responsible for creating this program and then releasing it on to unsuspecting computers do indeed do their work. This is what they demanded I pay them!

They make sure that this assassin program does target all Windows OS systems out there, as well. This includes Windows OS systems as XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Cryptowall was a virus that was hard to deal with in the beginning. During the time of research, and there was no working tools or solutions to decrypt the files that were encrypted by Cryptowall, the only way to free up a computer then was to pay the ransom that was demanded by the program itself.

However, today, this has since changed and there are cryptowall removal tools that have been designed with this specific very bad threat in mind. Though the virus is not complicated to remove.

It just requires a very detailed and thorough process to get the virus cleaned. This is why it makes perfect sense to just use a high quality form of cryptowall removal tool to do the job for you.

Cryptowall virus may not be easy to get off of a computer. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it can’t be done, and the first tip to try to remove it is by running a full scan with the anti virus that is installed to protect your computer.

Do determine if your own anti virus can do it first. If not, then you should proceed to the second step, and this second step is to employ the help of a cryptowall virus removal tool. There are many fine ones that can do the trick.

One in particular is called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Software. They do offer a free version of it. Therefore, do try it out, and go on from there. Another way to free up your system from Cryptowall is with the help of System Restore.

There are a lot of valid ways to get this monster virus off of your computer. So, do utilize them all, and don’t give up until your computer is totally free of this not so nice at all virus. Special Thanks to for the details about removing cryptowall.

A Fleshed out History of Zombies


Zombies have taken the world by storm in an almost ironic twist to the fearful legend around which they are written. With mass media today being very aware of the zombie phenomenon, there have been many works featuring the legendary monsters, and many types of entertainment have been created to cater to the public’s love for the flesh eating beasts. But just what is a zombie and where did they come from? We will discuss today the early spread of the zombie mythos and how it spread like a virus and infected the imaginations of all who create, and consume, zombie media today.

Zombies weren’t always the flesh eating shambling monsters like the ones we see today. One of the earliest recordings of the word date back to Haitian folklore, and in those folklores a zombie is a corpse usually reanimated not by a virus or spread by a bite, but as a result of witchcraft. Once resurrected, the zombie was under the will and control of the person that brought their body back to life, and have no wills of their own. Some other tales in Haitian folklore suggest that a zombie is a person’s soul, captured by a bokor sorcerer and used to further their own energies, or sold as commodities to further someone else’s energy, or something else incorporeal such as luck.

The idea of zombies was carried over to Haiti by African slaves, who believed that if they had offended a deity of the Vodou faith, they would be cursed to forever be slaves even in the afterlife, as zombies. In fact, some believe the idea of zombies have firmly set roots in the traditions of the slave trade in Haiti. Through the years, many people believed in the Vodou zombies, and though some tried to make sense of it through psychology or chemical interference, no concrete answer was found.

It wouldn’t be until George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead that the zombies of today would be known. Interestingly enough, the word zombie wouldn’t be applied to them in the movie, but rather in the meta, when fans would call them zombies. After that, in subsequent sequels to Night, the word zombie would be used, and the contemporary definition of zombies as virus plagued, flesh eating monsters would be widespread, ironically causing people to spread the legend of the zombie, and making countless media about them continuing through today.



Ladies and Gents, Ghouls and Ghosts! Welcome to all things terror!

I will be updating the site regularly about my favorite topic! Terror!

There will be your everyday terrors like the horror of walking into an office every day of your life to sit in a cubicle farm in front of a pc, to unusual terrors like ghost and living dead and especially zombies!

Stay tuned for more Terror! Muahahaha!

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